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"I ain't all holy water

and I ain't all Jim Beam"

-Scotty McCreery


There's a moment when you can't help but notice her. Her voice. Her lyrics. Just when you wonder if she'll hit that note, she doesn't just hit it -- she blows you away. To describe her voice as stunning is to sell her short. "She stops everyone" a local guitarist once noticed. He was far from the only one. 

Growing up in the Leigh Valley, Cassandra's musical soul was always in Nashville. It's something you can't help but notice in the sheer range of country songs she's mastered, spanning traditional artists like Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Clint Black, to outlaws like Johnny Cash and Chris Stapleton, to today's stars. She counts Miranda Lambert as one of her biggest influences.


Don't be fooled, though. She may count Trick Pony as one of her favorite artists, but she's anything but.


hey y'all

born to fly

strumming Outside the Valley

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